Paulownia as a source of Fuel

I found a interesting web page today that will give you an idea how the Paulownia tree can be harvest to make bio fuels. Pretty interesting. This Mega-Flora Tree is a clone of the Paulownia tree. Check it out at:

They also have a interesting video:

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Info from World Tree about Paulownia Trees

I wrote the World Tree Technologies about their work with the Paulownia Research. They sent me a number of pdf’s that were helpful, I will include them below. The interest thing was their recommendation on how to do the planting. They recommended 12ft x 12 ft with about 300 per acre. They have a plantation in Georgia that was planted 12×12 and hod good results. I want to visit the plantation to confirm these results.

  1. World Tree – Plantation Info
  2. World Tree – Specific Properties
  3. World Tree – Royal Attributes 2006
  4. World Tree – Pruning Instructions 2009
  5. World Tree – Grower’s+Guide+-+5-27-10
  6. World Tree – 5 acres
  7. ROICellulosic Ethanol and the Empress Splendor
  8. World Tree – Prices 2010
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Where to Plant – Ideas

Many of us to not have the land that is needed to plant any significant amounts of Paulownia trees. However here are some ideas that I have come up with.

  • 1. There may be sufficient land on our church property to plant 20 trees.
  • 2. Does anyone in your extended family have land that they would allow you to use for 10 years?
  • 3. Are there any farmers or land owners in your church? One thought would be to plant double the amount and split the trees with the farmer or land owner.
  • 4. Buy a couple of acres. This would be a good long term investment and a great learning project for the whole family. One acres can produce 100 trees at $25,000 in 10 years. (Just on the first cutting) Consider tithing 20% to missions.
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Grady McIver – Ideas for planting one year trees

Earlier this month I got to visit Grady McIver Nursery in Swansea, SC. Grady has been working with Paulownia trees for quite some time. In fact he may be one of the most informed planters in South Carolina. When I visit his nursery I asked him for some tips in planting young Paulownia trees. Grady lets his trees grow in a pot or close together for a year. This will make the watering and care much easier. You can buy the plants for about $2.50 – 3.00. Plant them in a pot similar to these and let them grow until March/April of next year. A good place to buy the small trees is at:

The following year they are ready to plant with a root system that will insure a faster start and less chance to be affected by a frost.

Grady with tree ready to be trimmed for planting.

Trees ready to be trimmed for planting

Ready to plant with roots about 10-12inches with months of growth.

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3 Companies Investing in Paulownia Trees

Here are three companies that are offering Paulownia trees as a investment. I question how many trees they are trying to plant per acre or hectare. A hectare is also 2 acres. It will look good at first but then what happens when the trees branches touch and there is no sun light? If someone knows differently and can prove that you can put 200 trees on a acre and get big trunks I would like to see the proof. So far I have visited two farms and the big trees are the ones on the outside. The ones in the middle are taller and thinner.

Greenwood Investments – Paulownia trees

Paulownia Investment – Willow Rivers

The Princess Project – Panama

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More pdf books on the Paulownia Tree

Here are some more pdf books that you can add to your collection.

Paulownia tree in China

Ireland – Paulownia as a novel biomass

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How to Produce and Market Paulownia

I want to share a pdf that I found on the internet. It is one of the better resources that I have found. However I am not sure about their advice when it comes to how many trees to plant per acre. If you want long and tall trees I would go with their numbers. But if you want to market your trees faster and get a better saw log you will need to plant less trees. I have talked with owners of two tree farms and they both have told me not to plant closer than 20×20. They learned the hard way. They told me not to believe what the owners of the Nursery tell you. They want to sell as many plants as they can. More on this later. Check out this source from the University of Maryland:

How to Produce and Market Paulownia

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